WALOTAR V8 Wireless Car 【Air Vent】 Charger

WALOTAR V8 Wireless Car 【Dashbroad】Charger

Q:How to contact after-sales customer service?
A:1. Click on the link below to contact us.

2, send a message to the mailbox:

Q:The cigarette lighter head is broken, can it be used again, or can it be reassembled?
A:Yes, just twist clockwise according to the original component installation sequence.

Q:The charger is not stable?
A:1. Please check if the knob of the universal ball is tight. If not, tighten it.
2. Please check whether the suction cup base or the air outlet clamp is effectively fixed. If the suction cup is not stable, it can be removed and washed and reinstalled. If the air outlet clamp is unstable, please insert it into the bottom of the blade or under the clip. The vanes allow the air outlet clip to contact the support.

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