Shower Douche Cleansing System in Aluminum Men's and women's cleaning shower metal shower head-pregnant women handheld bidet 59 inch shower hose
Its rinse/enema nozzle is equipped with a shower attachment that can be screwed onto an existing shower or sink. This shower head can be connected to an international standard shower tube and fits most of the tubes in the bathroom....
$18.00 $13.00
Metal Enema Shower Heads,Shower Enema Nozzle System - with 59 inch Hose Handheld Shower for Colonic Cleanse Kit (3 Style)
Relieves weakness, bloating and constipation. Helps prevent recurrence of haemorrhoids Cleanses the bowels thoroughly and promotes a healthy general feeling. Made from 100% high quality aluminium. Please adjust the water temperature and speed before use so that you can have...
Hand-held portable bathroom shower - Cleaning Tool Shower Douche for Vaginal & Anal Rinse Shower Both for Men and Women with 59inch hose(Sliver)
This is a very clean admission system. The shower/enema nozzles can be used as shower accessories and can be screwed into existing showers or sinks. This shower head is connected to the shower hose and is suitable for most bathtubs....
Confidence Enema Shower Angle Wand with 3 Heads for Anal Cleansing Colonic Douche System
A Powerful Shower Enema/Douche Angle Wand Solution with Immediate Results at home or on the go. Offers relief from Sluggishness, Bloating and Constipation. Helps prevent recurring Haemorrhoids. Promotes a general feeling of well-being from thoroughly clean empty bowels. Ergonomically designed...
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